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Past Event: NAMM Believe in Music Week

“The global gathering to unify and support the people who bring music to the world.”

Opening up our business in the global market, we exhibited our brand at the NAMM’s Believe in Music week, the online, worldwide gathering to unify and support the people who bring music to the world. The event, which spanned Monday, January 18 – Friday, January 22, gathered 93,226 industry leaders, buyers, sellers, music educators, artists, media and music makers from 187 countries and territories.

Featured in the Innovator Showcase booth at the NAMM, we introduced our new product–the V series professional power amplifier to our new customers and potential buyers. NAMM’s digital platform allowed us to connect, interact, and live-chatting with them as if we were in person. We were able to showcase our new products as well as our technologies and services.  We are happy to establish contacts with the discerning buying audience and see our next sales boom in the global market. 

At the NAMM’s Believe in Music week, we benefited much from insightful, business-advancing professional development sessions and networking events. Together, we can feel the belief – to increase the amount of music makers, to be inspired, and to grow our market.

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