P series high-end professional power amplifier

This is a cost-effective product with good dynamics, high sound quality, light weight, small size and high power efficiency. It carries the three advanced technologies of today’s power amplifier.

  1. Ultra dynamic floating pole technology.

Super dynamic floating pole technology embodies a super dynamic power amplifier design concept.

How high the power of an ordinary power amplifier is, and how high the sound effect is, if it continues to increase, it is often pushed into clipping. In order to achieve higher sound effects, some power amplifiers generally achieve their goals in the form of clipping, overloading, and high distortion to ensure dynamics. On the other hand, the P series power amplifier can instantly output a dynamic signal that is 37% higher than the rated power, and this kind of dynamic signal does not clip or distort. It embodies the product’s non-instrumental quality and emphasizes the quality of music. Generally speaking, with the same power amplifier, I am louder than you, without distortion.

  1. Digital follow-up H-class high-speed and high-efficiency technology.

P series power amplifiers are different from general H class power amplifiers. The general H class power amplifier power supply is added step by step, while the P series changes step by step with the power supply.

The power supply of the P series changes with the music signal in a hyperbolic manner synchronously with the music signal to achieve the highest efficiency and the smallest distortion. The power supply efficiency is as high as 75%, saving power and high efficiency, making the device more efficient. The load-bearing rate is low and the reliability is greatly improved.

  1. Digital high compression ratio compression technology.

In addition to the protection functions of fan automatic temperature control and speed regulation, DC protection, and slow start without impact, P series power amplifiers also have two characteristic functions.

⑴. Input signal full-band distortion-free digital compression limit function. It can make the input signal from 1V-8V input, the power amplifier can output constant full power without distortion and clipping, which greatly improves the reliability of the power amplifier and protects the speakers.

⑵. Automatic temperature control and power adjustment technology.

When the P series power amplifier is working over temperature, the power limit state of the digital low frequency point will appear within a certain period of time, which not only increases the reliability of the power amplifier, but also extends the working time of the power amplifier without sudden shutdown when the power amplifier is working over temperature.


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