T series multi-channel switching power supply power amplifier

T series machines are mainly used for the sound reinforcement of high-power linear array speakers. One power amplifier can solve two large linear arrays. It is portable, reliable, and beautiful in sound. It is one of our main international popular models.

Among them, T-4080/T-8080 are super multi-channel performance engineering class D digital power amplifiers. It is changeable and convenient in engineering applications. In use, it can be 8*800W, 4*2000W, or even 4*800W+2*2000W…etc. One-key changeable, the factory application is extremely convenient.

Other models are integrated digital-analog TD power amplifiers.

  1. This series of power amplifiers uses digital high-efficiency power management technology and advanced vector switching power supplies. The combination of the two not only solves the sound quality problem of digital power amplifiers, but also solves the bulky problem of analog power amplifiers, making it portable, efficient, and Beautiful sound quality can be a good combination of the two. The electro-acoustic conversion efficiency of this power amplifier is over 85%, and the sound quality does have the beauty of an analog class AB power amplifier.
  2. The digital high-efficiency power management technology enables the machine transistor to work on the best effective output curve for a long time, avoiding the thermoelectric loss of ordinary class AB and class H amplifier circuits. In the digital management system, the transistor’s power management almost works along an accurate and effective output curve, which minimizes the heat consumption and reduces the heat loss by nearly 70%. Therefore, the power amplifier is working in the AB state at this time, but it has the power efficiency of the D power amplifier, so that the beautiful sound quality, lightness, high efficiency and power saving are perfectly combined.
  3. The application of vector switching power supply not only greatly reduces the weight of the machine, but also optimizes the sound quality and conversion rate of the machine and the comprehensive performance of high, middle and low frequencies. Vector switching power supply technology is an alternative switching power supply technology tailored for this power amplifier. Its duty cycle, power factor, transient current, conversion rate, and electrical efficiency are far superior to the general technology used in switching power supplies. Especially in the bass performance, this power amplifier is strong and powerful, and it also solves the problem of weak bass of general switching power supply power amplifiers.
  4. The safe and reliable digital protection circuit system makes the machine have high working reliability and low working temperature, especially in the case of misoperation, it can also adjust the working state adaptively, and try not to interrupt the output. Compared with other different types of power amplifiers, the difference is that a series of protection systems such as digital voltage limit, temperature protection, DC protection, slow start, etc. are all completed in a chain of intelligence in the specially designed digital adaptive system of this machine. Make the reliability of this machine reach a new level.


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