X Series Engineering Grade Professional Power Sequencer

Product Introduction:

High Efficient Control and Protection —— The X series sequencer can start all kinds of equipment one by one in the order from the front to the back of the system; when shutting down, it shuts down the system equipment from the back to the front. In this way, the connected electrical equipment can be effectively and uniformly controlled, man-made mistakes are avoided, and the damage of terminal equipment (such as power amplifiers, speakers, etc.) that may be caused by such mistakes is completely solved, and at the same time, it can reduce the on/off usage impulse current of electrical equipment on the transmission line. The front panel is equipped with a bypass switch, which can prevent the 8 to 12-way power socket on the rear panel from being controlled by timing in an emergency.

Easy Operation —— Because of its superior performance, system administrators will always bid farewell to the tedious operation of switching on and off. The timing device used to control the on/off of the electrical equipment of the system is an indispensable element of sound engineering, TV broadcasting system, computer network system and other electrical engineering.

Visible Equipment Working Status —— Green indicator light is more eye-catching, and the working status of the equipment can be clearly seen when working under direct sunlight.

Realtime Monitor of Current and Voltage —— It is also equipped with a high-precision, high-sensitive voltage display that can clearly display the current input and output real-time voltage.



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